Baseboard Contractor: Guide To Baseboard Trim Installation

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Professional baseboard trim installation requires expert knowledge and precision. Some people think that they only need to cut the boards to size and place them in place. Far from this. In addition to having the cutting skills, you also need the necessary tools to do the job. For a professional job, hire a baseboard contractor to help you with the installation.

Guide to installing baseboards

There are two types of baseboards you can install: painted and non-painted. Installing painted baseboards is much easier. Before you begin the installation, ask a painting contractor to paint the board. You can also paint it on your own if you have the skills.

For a great look use a color that complements your floor. If you just installed a floor, you will have to use the trim to cover the crack left around the perimeter of the room.

To smoothly install the baseboard, you need to have the necessary tools. You will need a chop or miter saw to do it. You will also need a stud finder to help you with the nailing of the studs. It’s usually a challenge to install the trim on a dry wall as the wall doesn’t leave a gap of a few inches. This brings in the problem of nailing the bottom part of the baseboard.

The best way to fix this problem is to cut narrow strips of plywood that are of the same thickness as the drywall sheets and use them to fill the gap.

After you have cut and nailed the baseboard to the walls, it’s common to find uneven crack lines along the top of the baseboard. To fix this problem, experts recommend that you do caulking. When applying the material take caution that you don’t use too much of it. You also should fill the set holes with wood filler or caulking.

Installing non-painted baseboards is harder as you can’t use the caulking to hide the cracks or hide any errors you might have made during the installation. You should install the unit in such a way that the baseboard lies flat against the wall.


These are tips on how to install the various types of baseboards. As mentioned, installing painted baseboards is easier thus before you begin the project, hire local painting contractors to paint them. As rule of thumb, use a color that complements the look of your house.

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Crown Molding Contractor: Types Of Molding You Can Go For

crown molding contractor

Trim refers to the decorative borders in your house. The borders are aimed at hiding joints, gaps and other imperfections that might be on your wall, but people use them for decorative purposes.

People hire house painting contractors to paint the trims thus not only hiding the imperfections but also improve the look of the walls. If you are planning on installing a wall trim, there are many options you can go with. The most common are:

Chair rail

A chair rail is a horizontal piece of trim that is often 3 feet above the floor. While it was initially used to protect the walls from the chairs, it’s now heavily used as a decorative element. The best place to place the trim is in the dining room. Although the unit is great, its main flaw is that it tends to accumulate dust and since it’s below the eye level, it’s highly visible. Due to this, you have to clean it regularly.

Crown molding

Its located at the intersection of walls and ceilings. In most cases, its installed at a 45-degree angle and leaves a hollow space behind it. The best places to undertake crown molding installation are in the living room, dining room and other public places.

When you install it, you don’t have to worry about paying a lot of attention on the drywall junction between the wall and ceiling as the trim covers it up. The primary challenge with the molding is that it’s difficult to cut tight, gap-free angles. This can sometimes bring problems.


Baseboards are the most common types of trims in most houses. They come in different types and sizes, and it’s up to you to choose the one that looks good in your house. The units dress up your room and also give the bottom of the walls a better definition. They also come in handy in hiding gaps between the flooring and base of the walls. Baseboards are ideal for installation in any room of the house.

Picture frame molding

This is a rare molding style that you will only find in most homes that are striving to have a formal, English look. If you want to give your house a perfect look, you should install the unit in the dining or living room. To give the molding a classic look, consider hiring a crown molding contractor to install it for you. When it comes to the painting, you can paint it the same color as the walls or any other of your preferred colors.

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House Painting Contractors: What You Need To Know About House Painting

house painting contractors

Are you thinking of painting your house? Here are things you should know as recommended by house painting contractors:

Preparation is key

How you prepare, your home is crucial for the quality of painting you achieve. The way you prepare the surface depends on the substances on it. Some of the ways you undertake the preparation include:

Power washing: If the surface isn’t too dirty you can simply clean it with a piece of cloth, but if painting the exterior of the surface and it’s too dirty, power wash it. The pressure washer will remove all the dirt and any debris that might have buildup in the house. For ideal results, work your way from the top to the bottom in a smooth, controlled manner. You should overlap each stroke by 8 inches for perfect results.

In addition to washing the surfaces, you also need to repair any damaged areas. This is important if you are painting an old house. Look for damaged surfaces on metal, masonry, wood, stucco, siding and fix any issues they might be having. If the areas are rotten, remove them but if cracked or has holes, use a putty knife to apply epoxy filler on them.

Choose the right paint

Even if you correctly prepare your surfaces, you won’t have perfect results if you use the wrong paint. There are two main types of paints you can use: water and oil based. Water paints are easily cleaned with soap and water, dry up quickly, and have low odor. Oil based paints, on the other hand, are durable, stain-resistant, and flow smoothly. Most painting contractors prefer the oil based units. While they are expensive to purchase, they look great for long.

Use the right painting tools

You can use two primary painting tools: brush and roller. The brush is ideal for use when you are painting on the edges, narrow surfaces, and smaller areas. A roller, on the other hand, is ideal for use in larger areas. Whether you are using a roller or brush, ensure that you use a high-quality unit. This calls for you to buy it from a reputable store.


These are some of the things you should know when thinking of painting your house. If the project is small, you can go ahead and paint the house on your own but if it’s large, hire local painting contractors to help you with the work.

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Professional Painters: Tips On How To Paint The Kitchen

professional painters

The kitchen is the heart of the home as this is the place where you prepare and consume the food. It’s also the place where guests gather. To get the most from the room, you should properly paint it. Here are tips on how to go about it:

Choose the right color palette

The color you choose has a significant impact on the mood of the room. According to house painting contractors, you should choose a color that aligns with the idea of food and eating. The worst color to go with is blue as few foods have this color. Some of the colors you can choose from are green and orange.

There are plenty of online and offline resources you can use to help you choose the right color but if you have tried using them without success, get the input of professional contractors who will guide you in the choice of the right color.

Choose the paint finish

In addition to the color of the house, you also need to consider the finish. There are many paint finishes to choose from. You have the option of choosing matte on one end and glossy on the other. The best finish for your home is satin and semi-gloss. The finish should be glossy enough to be easily wiped down, but it should be flat enough to hide any imperfections on the surface.

Properly prepare the painting surfaces

Just like the other parts of your house, you need to prepare your surfaces for painting. Unless you are painting a room with fresh drywall, you need to clean the kitchen properly. You should wash the walls with warm water and TSP (tri-sodium phosphate). You also should give the trim the TSP treatment.

If the walls are more than five feet, dust them. Clean the tops of baseboards and other trim with a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner.

Protect the floor and woodwork

In addition to cleaning the surfaces, you also need to protect the floor and woodwork from the paint. Cover the floors with drop cloths. For ideal results, lay the drop cloths as close to the baseboards as possible. For the woodwork, tape along the top edges using high-quality painter’s tape. You also should tape the door and window frames or moldings that you aren’t going to paint.


This is what you need to know about kitchen painting. If your kitchen is small, you can paint it on your own but if large, hire professional painters to help you out.

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Interior House Painters: All About Interior House Painting

interior house painters

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions on this blog, there is no easier way of transforming the interior of the house than using paint. You can decorate the house on your own or hire interior house painters to help you.

Steps to follow when painting the interior of the house

Determine a color scheme: The reason you are painting the house is that you want to add color to the walls. There are plenty of colors you can choose from, and it’s up to you to choose the one you want. You can use light colors in any room of the house but when it comes to the dark ones, apply them in rooms with plenty of natural light.

Complementary colors are ideal when you are looking to paint adjacent rooms that open to each other. When choosing the color, pay close attention to the gloss level. A shiny gloss is easy to clean, but it makes the blemishes stand out. You should choose glossier paints for areas with a lot of steam such as the bathroom and kitchen. The paints are also ideal for high-traffic areas. For large walls and ceilings, apply flatter paints.

Prepare the painting room: There is no way you will achieve perfect painting results if you don’t adequately prepare the room. Before applying the paint, clean the walls. If you had used paint before, remove the old one and sand the walls. In addition to preparing the walls, painting professionals recommend that you also prepare the floor. To prevent the paint from getting on the floor, place drop cloths. If you are living in the house, cover the furniture with plastics.

Paint the house: Once everything is in place, now you can go ahead and start painting. As mentioned above, you can paint the house on your own or hire the services of painting contractors. For ideal results, it’s always wise to work with contractors. The professionals will save you time. They will also save you money as you don’t have to buy the painting tools such as brushes and rollers.

If you opt to paint the house on your own, paint from the top down beginning with the ceilings. Once the walls and ceiling are completely dry, now paint the trims, doors, and window.

Taking care of the walls

For the paint to retain its looks, you should take good care of it. House painting contractors recommend that you get rid of any stains as soon as they happen. At least once a decade, hire the local painting contractors to repaint the house.

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Professional Painters: Tips To Consider When Painting The Interior Of The House

professional paintersYou have to paint the insides of your house to increase the comfort levels and also make the house more beautiful. To undertake proper interior house painting, you need to observe some tips. These tips include:

Pay attention to the sheen

Sheen is the finish of the paint, and it has a significant impact on the look of your walls. Interior house painters report that there are plenty of wall finishes that you can go with. The primary options being: gloss, eggshell, and satin.

It’s up to you to choose the one that is ideal for you. When choosing the right sheen, you should note that high-traffic areas do well with a satin or gloss finishes. This is because the finishes hold the touching better and are easy to clean. The unfortunate thing is that they ruminate the wall imperfections giving your walls a bad look.

To hide any wall problems, you might be having in your house, apply a more matte-like finish such as the flat. While it won’t clean properly, it will hide any imperfections thus giving your walls a smooth look.

Go with bold colors

Unlike on the outside of the house where bold colors would look awkward, there is no harm in going with bold colors when it comes to the interior of the house. When making your selection, go with colors that add depth and texture to your room. If you are confused about the right color to go with, get the input of professional painters.

Always apply a primer

For an even coat, you have to apply a primer on your walls. The primer is more important if you are changing the wall color. The primer covers up the colors and stains thus you have a beautiful finish. It also adds an extra layer that allows the top coat to adhere better which further contributes to a nice finish.

Work with professional painters

While you can paint your house and achieve success, you are advised against it as you have high chances of damaging your walls and even damaging your paint. For peace of mind and increase your chances of giving your walls a perfect finish, work with reputable house painting contractors to help you with the painting. The painting contractors have the necessary skills. They also have the necessary painting tools such as rollers and high-quality brushes that aid in giving you perfect results.

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Professional Painters: Painting Tools You Need For Your Work

professional painters

Whether you are looking to paint the interior or exterior of the house you need to do all the right things to achieve perfect results. To help you out, here are tools given by professional painters to help you achieve the results:

Painting tools

As I have mentioned before on this blog, you need to use the right tools for you to achieve good painting results. Some of the tools you need for your work include:

Painting Brushes: Paint brushes are of many types. There are natural brushes that feature natural bristles. These are meant for oil-based paints. You shouldn’t use them in water based paints as they soak up the water and go limp. If you are using water-based paints, use synthetic brushes with synthetic bristles.

If handling a small project, go for foam brushes that come in a wide range of widths. They are inexpensive and don’t spatter the paint. House painting professionals advise against using them on rough surfaces as they don’t hold up well.

Paint rollers: For large painting jobs you should use paint rollers. When making the purchase, go for rollers with a plastic core as they last longer than those with a cardboard core. You should also consider the “nap.” To choose the right roller, consider the texture of the walls. For smooth walls, use a flat, smooth roller. If you are painting a rough wall, use a thicker and plusher roller.

Primer: The primer functions as a base coat, and it makes the painting results to be better. When you correctly install a primer, you don’t have to apply the second coat. You should note that different primers are ideal for various surfaces. For excellent results, painting contractors advise that you use the right primer for the right surface. If painting the ceiling, use the ceiling primer.

Drop clothes: To protect the floor and furniture, you should use drop clothes. The best ones are those made from heavy canvas. They shouldn’t be slippery thus making your work easy. When using them, fold them to fit the size of your room and tape them down to prevent the paint from oozing over the edge.


These are some of the painting tools you need to make your painting job easy and perfect. As rule of thumb, use high-quality tools that will not only give you perfect results, but also last for a long time. You can paint the house on your own but if you aren’t confident in your skills, hire your local painting contractors to help you out.

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Painting Professionals: All About Paint

painting contractors

If you ask many homeowners, they will tell that the main reason they paint their houses is that they want to improve the look of the house. While this is a great benefit, house painting contractors report that the advantages of paint are far more than this.

Benefits of paint

Weather protection: Paint protects your house against wind, sun, rain and other weather elements that can destroy your house. This helps your house to look good for a long time.

Reduction of dust, stains and fingerprints buildup: Painting professionals report that the right paint prevents the buildup of dust and other materials on your walls. This benefit is more pronounced in plaster walls. The paint also makes it easy for you to clean the dust off the walls.

Increase in home value: This is a no-brainer. When you apply paint to your house, it looks good thus its value goes up. As a result, you sell it at a high price. To give the house even more value, paint it with high-quality paints.

Mood enhancement: Did you know that paint can improve your mood? Dull colors such as gray or beige can complement your home décor, but they have been shown to make people feel down and depressed. To feel more perky and upbeat, paint your house yellow, blue or any other bright color.

Valuable tips when painting your house

To get the benefits that come with paint, you need to consider some tips:

Use high-quality paint: There is no way you will give your house a long lasting, high quality look if you use cheap paint. For the elegant finish that will give your home a new look and also increase its value, you have to invest in a high-quality paint. This calls for you to buy your paint in popular paint stores.

Work with painting contractors: If you are painting only a small area, you can go ahead and paint it on your own but if you are painting the entire house, hire your local painting contractors to help you out. The professionals are experienced; therefore, they will do a better job than you.

Use good quality painting tools: You need painting brushes and rollers to paint your house. To apply a high-quality finish, use high-quality tools. Avoid cheap, damaged tools as they will give you a cheap finish. This calls for you to avoid buying from unknown stores.

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House Painting Contractors: Tips To Consider When Painting Your Child’s Bedroom

house painting contractors

We all love our children and want them to feel special. One of the ways of making them feel special is painting their bedrooms. House painting contractors recommend that you observe these tips when painting the house:

Have a theme

Just like you have a theme for your sitting and dining room, you should have a theme for your kid’s bedroom. One of the best themes to go for is the superhero theme. Ask your child his/her favorite superhero and work with your painting contractor to paint the superhero on the walls. You can use the paint only or make use of posters and decals that complement the color that you choose.

Choose the right colors

Painting the child’s favorite hero isn’t enough—you need to use the right colors. As you might know now, different colors have different effects on you. For example, red can convey aggression while blue conveys calmness. The bedroom is friendly and calm. To maintain this atmosphere, you should use neutral colors. Avoid bright, neon shades that can overwhelm your child.

Make use of 3D objects

With the modern technology, there are plenty of 3D objects you can use to make your child’s bedroom interesting. All you need to do is install objects coming out of the wall. Some of the interesting objects you can use are: flying kite, superhero coming out of the wall, and many other things. Your imagination is your limitation.

Involve your child

While the child is young, it doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t have a say when it comes to his/her room. Before you start the project, have the child pick out the colors and objects. You should also request their input when it comes to the placement of the different items in the house. It’s common for kids not to have much to contribute. If this is the case with your kid, you should consider his/her interests. The interests can be sports, drawing, painting, cars or anything.


These are the tips to consider when painting your child’s bedroom. If you have never painted before, work with painting contractors who will not only help you with the painting, but also guide you with the selection of the painting colors. If your child likes painting or drawing, you should consider installing a wallpaper on the wall. Also, enquire from professional painters about the best erasable paints for the room.

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Painting Contractors: 4 Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your House

painting contractors

When you hire an exterior painting contractor to paint the exterior of your house, you can stay for a few years before you are required to repaint the room. While this is the case, to maintain the elegant and new look of the house, you will have to repaint your house when it starts showing signs of degradation. Some of the signs that you should be on the lookout for include:

Peeling and cracking of paint

When the paint starts peeling or cracking it’s time to consider repainting the house as soon as possible. You should note that when the paint peels off, your house is exposed to the harsh weather elements such as water and excessive heat. To avoid further damage, you should hire a contractor to repaint the house. In addition to repainting the house, the contractor should also inspect the home for mold. If present, use the necessary chemicals to get rid of it.

Blisters and bubbles

Blisters and bubbles are common in exterior walls. They come about when you or the painting contractors apply the paint on a wet or damp surface. The bubbles will also come about when you use to paint on a hot surface. The bubbles are unpleasant to look at; thus you should get rid of them as soon as possible. To give your walls an elegant finish, you should hire a painting professional to repaint the walls. For a smooth finish, the contractor should first scrap off the blistering coat before applying a new layer.

Fading color

The walls tend to fade in color due to prolonged exposure to UV radiation. In addition to the sun affecting the color of the paint, experts have shown that it also degrades it. If your exterior surfaces are dull and washed out, you should restore the original look by hiring a professional to repaint them. For a great look, you should repaint the house with lighter colors instead of darker ones. This is because the darker colors tend to fade more quickly.

Decaying trim

The door and window trims take more beating due to frequent use. If you notice that they are decaying, you should hire a local contractor to repaint not only the trims, but the entire house as it’s most likely at the risk of coming apart.


These are the signs you should be on the lookout for you to make a decision on whether to repaint the house or not.  To have an easy time, work with reputable local painting contractors.

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